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TVP Records is your home for original funky music, and all of its illegitimate offspring, spawned from the creator and delivered direct and true. Founded in Minneapolis, MN in 1996, "The Vanguard Project" set forth it's mission to produce high quality soulful pop music that refused to cater to the popular trends of any contemporary era.  After more than 20 years of award-winning and critically-praised releases, co-founding member and producer Scott "Sir Buck" Ruffner has continued to carry the torch for the original TVP crew as he thrusts forward working with musicians and recording artists in the greater Boston and Seacoast New Hampshire regions, as well as collaborations throughout the country.


Electro.Soul. Downtempo.House.OuterNational.Jazz.HipPop.Funk





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"If Iverson's the answer, then she's the opinion" - Sir Buck from "HeatherBabe"