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Groove Lounge x Bria Ansara

by Groove Lounge

Released 2016
TVP Records
Released 2016
TVP Records
Another original production from the critically-acclaimed TVP Records crew, this time featuring the vocal stylings of Bria Ansara and the sax & flute work of Andrew Fogliano. Named one of the "Top 5 Albums of 2016" by The Sound !

''Like DJ Shadow with a gentler touch, or Thievery Corporation with a more domesticated vibe, the TVP Records crew’s newest release, “Groove Lounge x Bria Ansara” is a manifestation of the fun, funky music of the ’70s, with drops of acid jazz, R&B, and electronica'' - The Sound

Fan Testimonials:

“I love this CD for pre-gaming and unwindulaxing at the end of the night. “Everybody Knows” is my jam” – Heather-May Potter

“So fabulous ! …
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